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Life as a corporate employee comes with its own set of challenges. One of the biggest ones is not having enough time to pursue hobbies outside of the workplace. History has it - countless corporate workers get compelled to surrender their passion at some point because clearly - there’s just

Inclusive Dining: 5 Steps to A

The demand for specialized dining experiences across various cuisines continues to rise. From gluten-free to nut-free, vegan to lactose-intolerant - the culinary world is constantly evolving to embrace inclusivity. Today, as a chef, you stand to face the challenge of catering to customers with diver

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Enrolling in cooking classes is a terrific way to develop your culinary talents and knowledge. These workshops give basic information and abilities in areas such as food preparation, presentation et cetera. Th

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We enjoy bread in all sizes, shapes, and forms, don’t we? They have become such an important part of our diet that the prospect of not being able to eat them appears to be horrifying. But w

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The way we cook and prepare food has changed throughout time. As a result of social media and television, cooking has become increasingly popular. Fresh and fascinating things abound on the grocery store shelves. Thanks to local producers an

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The ability to enter the kitchen and express oneself via food is not only satisfying for the individual, but it is also a way to show love to others. Baking and cooking, as you must know, has a number of economical and health advantages.

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If you enjoy cooking, you already know that even the finest recipes may be tweaked to fit individual preferences. Online Culinary programs offered by APCA Chef Online are no exception. Rather than trying to fit your busy schedule into a regul

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Making excellent vegan pastries may be difficult because many recipes call for a lot of animal ingredients. Most milk and dairy products, on the other hand, may be readily substituted with soy, almond, or even coconut milk. Even cream cheese has an easy-to-substitute substitute.


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If you enjoy cooking, you already know that the greatest recipes can be tweaked to fit each individual's preferences. Culinary school online programmes are no different. Rather than attempting to fit your hectic schedule into a regular school, you get a curriculum that can be tailored to your ne

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There are several benefits of taking culinary lessons. Even if you don't intend to pursue a profession in the culinary arts, cooking lessons may benefit you in a variety of ways. Most cooking programmes outside of culinary arts colleges are specifically geared for home chefs and bakers.

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Taking cooking courses is a fun and educational experience for anybody who likes the culinary arts. If you join APCA Chef Online, you will learn new ways to look at food, and will get introduced to new dishes, including basic and advanced skills. Beginners will learn their way around a kitchen while

Seven hundred and forty seven

Seven hundred and forty seven minutes does sound a big number but definitely not when one is talking about a whole year, which typically has five lakh twenty-five thousand and six hundred minutes! So imagine achieving an insight which is equal to that of a professional Baker and Pastry Chef, within

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APCA introduces you to its exclusive Advanced Level - Online Pastry Program where you would get the chance to take your skills to an unimaginable level. Become a successful and certified pastry chef just by attending our online program. APCA promises to provide you the foundation on which yo

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‘Things of Vienna’ is a loose translation for Viennoiseries, that are baked goods which can be placed somewhere in between bread and puff pastry; and therefore can be assumed to be the best of both worlds! Their additional ingredients like sugar, eggs, butter, milk, et cetera, gives them

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Gone are the days when people had to avoid their favorite desserts in the parties because of that one ingredient that either their system or their beliefs could not digest! Today, in order to solve this issue, chefs have come up with reci

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Importance of sauces

The French term Sauce is derived from Latin word Salus which literally means Salted. It doesn’t take too much in-depth knowledge about food in order to understand the importance of sauces. One can safely call it the essence which enhances the flavors and add

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To become a chef is to be put under an extremely stressful environment that may become hard to deal with or come to terms with, if one does not acquire a certain amount of poise and patience. These qualities indeed can be found in the best chefs who while working assumes a differe

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Let us give you an overview of the travel cakes you will learn to make during the APCA Intermediate Level - online program, which can be very well taken right from the comfort of your home!

The name is self-explanatory. Travel cakes are designed to stay moist for a number of days and

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APCA brings you All About Basic French Pastries, an online program where you can learn to make and bake pastries right from scratch and from the comfort of your home. In this online course, you could understand strategies and techniques that would help you polish your skill set, further givi

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We like our breads in every size, shape and form! Over time, they have become an essential part of our diet and the idea of not being able to have it appears to be absolutely terrifying. But what if there is no such fear? What if you never run out of bread because if the grocery store is lef

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Last year, lockdown and boredom led people to explore their multiple sides, out of which the most significant side that overpowered the rest of the sides was that of a cook. People who were even utterly novice did not shy away from trying out newly discovered recipes, and posting them online with wh

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APCA, one of the best and leading culinary schools in India, is inviting applications for one of their most popular courses. The Online Culinary Course has three levels: Basic level, Intermediate level and Advanced level, which you can access anytime, any place, and learn the technicalities at your