Bread your way with Chef Angelo Van Toorn

We like our breads in every size, shape and form! Over time, they have become an essential part of our diet and the idea of not being able to have it appears to be absolutely terrifying. But what if there is no such fear? What if you never run out of bread because if the grocery store is left with none, then maybe you yourself can make it and have fun! And anyway, freshly baked and homemade breads are far more superior and nobody, we believe, can ever think otherwise. So APCA brings you All About Bread, an online course where widely acclaimed and highly honored Chef Angelo Van Toorn will walk you through the entire process of bread making, covering all the relevant aspects and teaching you a few techniques so that the outcome turns out to be as satisfactory as the process itself! 

You will be provided all the videos where the chef will explain everything to right from the start to the end. You will be covering twenty three recipes (yes, you heard us), within the duration of three hours and fifty minutes, not that long, is it? Just imagine becoming an expert bread maker in such a short period of time. We have designed this online course in such a way that you can cover it without compromising your set daily routine. So join APCA’s All About Bread and learn to bake and make bread right from the scratch and from the comfort of your home!

Some more Bread Talk since it’s never enough
In APCA’s All About Bread Online Program, you will get acquainted with the theory of pre ferment, whole grain, sourdough culture and more than a dozen flavorful bread recipes including

  • Baguette with Bigga, where you will use pre ferment which would render the bread a better texture and amazing flavor. The plus point of using pre ferment not only increases or amplifies the taste but also makes the shelf life longer than the regular bread! 
  • Challah is a braided soft and rich jewish bread which is prepared on special, mostly ceremonial occasions. Our chef will give you some tips to give the texture that itv typically happens to have.
  • Chocolate Apricot is the charmer loaf in the All About Bread syllabus! You will learn to balance the intense flavor of chocolate with that of delicate apricots. 
  • Fougasse, an absolute stunner, is made with poolish. Chef Angelo will teach you how to achieve perfection while preparing this bread, that would need a lot of care and a lot of practice at your end. 
  • Crown of Bordeaux- Learn to prepare this interestingly intricate regal bread (which is also known as Couronne) and own your audience!
  • Roasted Garlic Levain- Made with sourdough mingled with slow roasted garlic, giving it a rich appeal and richer aroma, that would fill the air around you for a very long time. Once you know how to create this magic, then you will be able to hypnotise anyone you would want to. We make it sound like it would give you some magic power, but take a moment and think, wouldn’t it?

There are two many recipes to mention here! So go ahead, check out the website, and get in touch with us if you are seeking creative stimulation, good company, better mentor, and a certificate that would possibly push you towards the right direction!APCA’s All About Bread is an online program that is for all the low-key and high-key bread enthusiasts who would like to have an experience of a lifetime!