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Chefs and Enthusiasts from more then 40 countries travel to our school every year to learn from us, so this course is designed for all those who aspire to learn baking and cooking from home from the finest school known all over the world.

The programs are prerecorded where you can actually explore everything what we teach to our full-time students. From basic to the advance level, in a step by step structured way. Hence it is cost-effective, easy to access and available 24/7.

You will be able to watch all the levels of Pastry & Culinary programs along with the selected Master chefs recipes. Since you will have the subscription for 1 Year, You can see other extra uploads of recipes and you will be notified.

After 1 year, you can attend a theory exam online which will test your knowledge. Once cleared, you will get a Participation and Completion certificate from APCA Chef On line. Kindly note that this is not a diploma or degree certificate.

There is a total of more than 400 small and big recipes & around 40 recipes are eggless. Yes in future, there will be selection of Vegan and Eggless recipes uploaded.

There are lots of small & big suppliers operating in India with good search, you can easily find the suppliers in you country. This website is world-wide activated so individual help will be difficult but yes in India we can help you find them.

The recipes are in the initial part of video, you can watch them again and again but there is no pdf attachment of recipes. So any facility of downloading of video or recipe is not possible

There will be regular chefs sessions where we will discuss the question about a particular topic. Subscribers will be regularly informed about the scheduled time and day