APCA Chef Online gives a few pro tips to bake eggless vegan pastries

Making excellent vegan pastries may be difficult because many recipes call for a lot of animal ingredients. Most milk and dairy products, on the other hand, may be readily substituted with soy, almond, or even coconut milk. Even cream cheese has an easy-to-substitute substitute.

Eggs, on the other hand, are a different matter altogether. While replacing eggs in many meals is as simple as adding oils or tofu, it takes a little more skill when we try to make desserts without the use of eggs. Because eggs play such an essential part in baked products, any substitute must have the same effect while retaining the same flavour. Fortunately, there are several alternatives available that meet all of your pastry requirements.

The Function of Eggs

To identify acceptable substitutes, you must first comprehend why eggs are utilised in the first place. They give a variety of pastries structure, leavening, wetness, and richness, so choosing a suitable equivalent might not be as simple as picking a popular substitute and going with it. Whether you are looking to emulsify or leaven, you will need to locate a vegan substitute.

Substitutes that are both common and effective

Fruit, seeds, oils, and replacements are the four most effective egg substitutes. Each substitution will have a distinct effect on the structure and flavour of your sweets, as well as various perks and downsides.


Applesauce and bananas are excellent coagulants and thickeners, plus they give your sweets a nutritious boost. A quarter cup of applesauce or banana per egg is a good rule of thumb. However, keep in mind that adding fruit to your confections can change the flavour. So, you might want to be a little more careful while adding these ingredients to keep the flavor of your dessert perfectly balanced.


Flax and chia seeds are excellent substitutes because when these are crushed and combined with water, they tend to serve as what is called coagulants. Do note that they do not, however, trap air or leaven, so make sure you do not use them in a recipe that calls for eggs as the major leavening agent, such as angel food cake!


A store-bought alternative is frequently an excellent solution. These egg substitutes closely resemble the functions of eggs since they are composed of starches and leavening agents. They are, however, difficult to come by in most supermarkets. So you might want to do some research beforehand in order to get your hands on them.

Which one should I pick?

Because there are so many options, deciding on the best one might turn out to be extremely difficult. If you ask APCA Chef Online, we will suggest that as a general guideline, you should first start by familiarising yourself with popular vegan dishes like banana or applesauce-based chocolate chip cookies. You may continue experimenting from there, but bear in mind that not everything will work well and you would have to spend an ample amount of time to get things right.

For this you may consider  taking cooking class to increase your understanding of the core uses of various components in order to better choose the ideal alternative. And if you think you take your baking and your or rather other people’s preferences seriously, then you should check out the online eggless baking classes offered by us - APCA Chef Online - where you learn the best from the legends themselves. In a series of pre-recorded videos and pdfs, you will get structured and organized learning that will help you gain knowledge that you will never forget again. Check out our website for more information and enrol without much further ado!