Make your sauces right with APCA’s Online Culinary Program

Importance of sauces

The French term Sauce is derived from Latin word Salus which literally means Salted. It doesn’t take too much in-depth knowledge about food in order to understand the importance of sauces. One can safely call it the essence which enhances the flavors and adds life and shine to the otherwise bland dish. You must have seen your parents or your cook putting so much energy and effort while preparing a sauce because if they don’t get it right, then the grilled chicken wouldn’t do any good anyway. The ultimate magic, in other words, lies in the sauce that has the potential to make anything interesting and appetizing. APCA designed the Basic Level - Online Culinary Program with the intention of teaching you the fundamentals of cookery - covering stock, vegetables, potatoes, eggs, grain and pasta, meat dishes, cutting techniques along with the art of making sauces that are as follows:

Bechamel Sauce: The right amount of thickness matters a lot, otherwise it runs the risk of either becoming too runny or too thick to gulp. While learning to prepare Bechamel sauce you’d get a good understanding of how much milk has to be added in a white roux. It is considered one of the mother sauces, so if you learn how to make Bechamel Sauce, then it will become way easier for you to make the other derivative sauces such as daughter sauces and small sauces.

Brown Sauce or Espagnole: Another mother sauce, which is considered to be a perfect base sauce for beef and brown dishes. It is cooked for a short time with a browned mirepoix mixed with tomato paste. It is thickened with a brown roux rendering it a rich and luxurious appeal.

Demi-Glaze: An extremely popular sauce, which gives you all the more reason to learn it well. It is typically made from the combination or rather from half and half mixture of beef stock and brown sauce. Due to its thickness and richness, it is deemed to be a perfect sauce for heavy meat dishes.

Pesto Sauce: The classic, the all-time favorite sauce that every single person can’t get enough of. It goes with an array of vegetable, meat, fish, and chicken dishes. Made with easy-to-find ingredients like Basil, garlic, parmesan cheese, olive oil and nuts, this sauce is an absolute lifesaver.

Caesar Dressing: The dressing that makes caesar salad, caesar salad. APCA chefs will tell you how you can, with enough practice, balance the taste of strong flavors of anchovies, mustard and garlic and make everyone go gaga over it.

Chimichurri Sauce: This oil based marination is ideally made with lemon juice and parsley making it an enhancer for the seafood and other various meat dishes.

Thousand Island Sauce: Another classic sauce or rather dip but with mayonnaise base mingled with tomato ketchup and chilli sauce to give your sauce an irresistible appeal.

Bell Pepper Coulis: The sauce that can be very well adjusted with any dish or in any form, i.e., dip, sauce and even puree. It is simple coulis but with the addition of bell pepper. APCA’s online program will teach you the exact technique of making this amazingly tasty dip/sauce/puree.

There are a lot more sauces that you will be taught to make. You could go, check out the website and take a look at them. If convinced that this program is indeed for you, then you could just get in touch with us and start a brand new journey with APCA!

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