Seven hundred and forty seven minutes are all you need to become a professional Baker and Pastry Chef

Seven hundred and forty seven minutes does sound a big number but definitely not when one is talking about a whole year, which typically has five lakh twenty-five thousand and six hundred minutes! So imagine achieving an insight which is equal to that of a professional Baker and Pastry Chef, within such a short period of time. The whole deal gets a lot better when you combine it with the concept of online classes and programs that we have especially designed for you so that you could learn everything at your own pace and from the comfort of your own kitchen!

APCA’s Intermediate level of online pastry program is basically a build up on the basic level of pastry program that gives students a fair understanding of basic different kinds of bread, chocolates and cookies along with laminated dough (that is used to make your favorite croissant, drool-worthy danish and puff pastry, along with jachnun, kubaneh, lachcha paratha), French pastries, plus cake designing tips and techniques. Naturally, after successfully completing this course, the students go for APCA’s Intermediate level - online pastry program.

In case, you believe yourself to be someone who has all the in-depth knowledge of what we teach at a basic level, then you can check out APCA’s Intermediate Level - Online Pastry Program. The best part is that you will have access to the APCA’s Basic Level - Online Pasty Program anyway, so completing that program simultaneously would only improve or rather help you correct the loopholes in your practice.

So if you are a passionate baker who likes to serve people only the kind of desserts that send their taste buds right on cloud nine, then we would encourage you to consider taking up this course that stands second to none in terms of precision, beauty and taste. In this online program APCA’s best chefs from all around the world will teach you how to make fancy and flavoursome travel cakes. From preparing the best crust for your Apricot Crumble Butter Cake to learning to achieve Madeleines' signature bump to give gourmand glaze to the Marble Cakes, you will learn how to bake your cake and give them a creamy, softer, crumbly and richer quality!

Apart from this, you will be taught 

  • Intermediate level designer cake, after which you could totally take bookings, because earning extra bucks on the side never hurts! 
  • Modern French Pastries such as red-mirror glazed Berries Vanilla, multi-textured Petite Antoine, delightful rich Raspberry Rose St. Honore and Classic ornamental Tiramisu Yule Log
  • Chocolate and Pralines including irresistible Apricot Passion Pate de Fruit, the absolute stunner Caramel Ganache, royally luxurious Coriander Praline, all-time favourite gummies and a lot, lot more!
  • Bread theory in which you will be covering all the relevant aspects, for instance, the entire process of bread making and how to ferment it correctly, plus other things one would need to know in order to make their bread perfect in color, taste, texture and size. You will also be making bread like Baguette with Bigga, braided soft and rich jewish Challah bread, Chocolate Apricot, Cottage bread, Bordeaux style crown shaped bread and many more. 
Additionally, you will learn various techniques for three dimensional sugar and chocolate display so as to add a regal touch to your absolutely scrumptious pastries, desserts, and wow your guests or customers! Because come to think of it, there is not one single person who wouldn’t like their food to be all fancy-looking. Sugar and chocolate displays catch one’s attention instantly and the person is simply drawn to it like a moth to a flame. So learn this and that and everything in between with APCA!