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  • Courses curated and conducted by World Pastry & Asian Pastry Championship winners
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  • One stop destination for global bakery & culinary online education
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  • Select program basis your skills level - Basic/Intermediary/ Advanced
  • Pre-recorded video recipe demonstrations
  • Digital recipe flipbooks
  • Email & chat support for active learners
  • Weekend LIVE demos for selected recipes
  • Professional coaching and guidance by chefs to become entrepreneurs

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Learn to make and bake travel cakes!

August 26, 2021

Let us give you an overview of the travel cakes you will learn to make during the APCA Intermediate Level - online program, which can be very well taken right from the comfort of your home!The name is

How to become the best chef in 5 steps

August 26, 2021

PatienceTo become a chef is to be put under an extremely stressful environment that may become hard to deal with or come to terms with, if one does not acquire a certain amount of poise and patience.

Make your sauces right with APCA’s Online Culinary Program

August 26, 2021

Importance of saucesThe French term Sauce is derived from Latin word Salus which literally means Salted. It doesn’t take too much in-depth knowledge about food in order to understand the importance


APCA has nurtured talent for over a decade and our students have proven their skills in pastry making and other culinary fields not only in their respective countries but globally. Some of our featured instructors are world pastry champions and Asia pastry champions and many represent their own countries in various international competitions. All our online classes come with complete information about techniques & technologies, which provide a great way to challenge oneself and build new skills. Unlike most online platforms where learning is based on recorded content, at APCA Chef online we are committed to deliver LIVE online sessions which gives an opportunity to our learners to have direct interaction as well. In last decade, we have assisted over 5000 learners globally to shape their skills.

APCA Chef online is currently available in the over 100 territories which includes United Kingdom, Isle of Mann, Ireland, Australia, South Africa, Canada, Dubai, Qatar, Egypt, Belgium, India, Brazil, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, Malaysia, Philippines, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, Portugal, Singapore, New Zealand, Hong Kong, UAE, and USA.

We are planning to launch Hybrid learning modules of APCA in select territories in near future. Please subscribe to our mailing list and follow our social media channels for updates.


Yes, you can buy an annual subscription for shortlisted programs to get access to recipe videos , recipe flipbooks plus extra LIVE sessions for one year or 6 months depending upon course you have purchased.

Our course subscription is charged annually. For India, there might be an easy EMI option on payment gateway. APCA chef online has no direct partnership with banks for offering EMIs. The pricing and accessibility criteria of APCA online programs vary by skill level (basic, intermediate, advanced), duration (short and long courses) and individual chefs. We encourage subscribers to read program details prior to purchase.

Yes, all our courses have English subtitles that are mapped to the instructors’ speech. We have ensured this is available across all 850+ videos and we will continue to enhance this feature with more videos in future.

Yes, you can see a full list of courses we offer. We have a dedicated page for each program – online pastry program, culinary program, online eggless baking program, MasterChef pastry program and short courses. Each course page highlights the topics and recipes we offer at respective skill level or all level access package.

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No, all our courses are self-paced, and no courses will be removed from the site or ‘expire.’ If you have an all-access annual subscription, you can watch any content as long as your subscription is valid. If you do not have an all-access subscription, but instead have bought one or more individual courses, the purchased content is yours to keep for life, and lessons can be watched as many times as you like within your subscription period.

We do not offer money back. However, if you find the purchase program is not meeting your requirements and your topic of interest is available in any other program on APCA chef online platform, we will transfer you to that program in line with your purchase level. No level downgrade or upgrade will be possible. This needs to be raised to us within 48 hours of your purchase either via chat or email See our terms and conditions for details.


You can choose between buying short courses and individual skill level based programs which in general have an access of 6 months, or you can sign up for an annual subscription which gives you access to recipes across all 3 levels for 1 full year.

We also offer courses by skill level – basic, intermediate and advanced and their access durations vary from 8 months to 12 months.

You can watch the course as many times as you like, whenever you like. Our skill level-based courses and full access programs also offer online flipbooks for recipes and access to weekend LIVE sessions.

After one year, you will have the option to renew your subscription.

Subscribers will have instant access to new courses as they are released. Please note that any course in the upcoming courses section may be released outside of your annual subscription period. We try to bring the best and latest of the content access to our learners. However, our management holds the right to keep/promote new content separately outside the plan purchased. If you have any questions about an upcoming course, please email

APCA Chef online offers 850+ products videos with approx. 2000 recipes & Sub recipes across a variety of pastry making and culinary categories, including designer cakes, travel cakes, French pastry making, chocolate tempering, and across global cuisines like Indian cuisines, Mediterranean cuisines and more. Every video has been designed to be accessible both for people with little to no experience and advanced learners alike. With new classes launching regularly, you can learn practical skills, attend LIVE sessions and learner support to clear all your doubts.

We have a wide range of bundled and stackable courses. You can opt them depending upon your current skills and build on as you practice them.

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