Let APCA tell you something about 'Things of Vienna'

‘Things of Vienna’ is a loose translation for Viennoiseries, that are baked goods which can be placed somewhere in between bread and puff pastry; and therefore can be assumed to be the best of both worlds! Their additional ingredients like sugar, eggs, butter, milk, et cetera, gives them a rich look and somewhat sweet taste. And because everyone relishes viennoiseries, we thought it best to exclusively design a course and dedicate it to the true lovers of these happening snacks!APCA’s All about Viennoiseries is an online program where you would gain a fair understanding of Viennoiseries with the help of Chef Angelo Van Toorn.Within the duration of four hours and thirty minutes, you will get to learn about eighteen different kinds of viennoiseries including

All-time favorite Banana Bread: Learn to make this sweet bread where the focus would be on giving the cake a moist-like texture. You will be provided videos where the chef will explain the entire process, right from the beginning to the end along with certain life and cake-saving tips and techniques!

Classic Brioche a tete: The videos will help you ace your skills in making this bread since its perfection completely relies on the right proportion of eggs and butter. If done correctly, you will attain a rich and oh-so-heavenly soft texture that would get you all the praise in the world!

Carrot Muffin: Super moist muffins presented with a crispy cinnamon crumble on top is here for the win! You can easily recreate the recipe simply by following the instructions given by Chef Angelo.

The essential Croissant: No one, no one can do without a croissant pastry! Its light form, flaky texture and multi-layered shape gives it an extra appealing look. It is considered to be ideal for breakfast or can be eaten as a snack. Treat your friends, family and clients with this crispy golden treat.

Delectable Doughnuts with sugar icing on the top: They say things may look simple on the outside but they are just perfect outcomes due to a lot of practice. Similarly, a lot can go wrong with these ‘easy’ doughnuts and you wouldn’t want to mess up while making these divinely delicious doughnuts, would you? Worry not, we have included the recipe in the syllabus of APCA’s All About Viennoiseries, so you don’t go wrong with anything and are able to make them as nicely as any pastry chef would.

Widely popular Pain au chocolat: Prepared with yeast-leavened laminated dough, these crispy cuboid-shaped have dark chocolate right in the centre. Understand all the techniques required to make pain un chocolat at home.

Pain au raisin: The spiral pastry wouldn’t take a lot of energy or effort once you would know all the tips that Chef Angelo will be giving you in this online program. Make these amazingly tasty soft and warm pastry and own your audience!

Lemon Berry Brioche: This one is as yum as it sounds! Effortlessly savoury pastry is a rich and sweet amalgamation of blueberry jam and lemon making it a perfect option for you to consider post lunch or dinner.

There are a lot more recipes that you will be covering in this extremely affordable online course. Learning from a world class chef and earning a certificate on completing the course would definitely open new doors for you to explore and more opportunities for you to consider. If APCA’s All about Viennoiseries even vaguely interests you, then do not hesitate to go and check out our website to take a look at the complete list of the happy things you will learn to make!