Learn to make and bake travel cakes!

Let us give you an overview of the travel cakes you will learn to make during the APCA Intermediate Level - online program, which can be very well taken right from the comfort of your home!

The name is self-explanatory. Travel cakes are designed to stay moist for a number of days and therefore are a perfect choice for travelers! In APCA’s Intermediate Level -- Online Pastry Program, you will learn the techniques to bake a cake that does go dry and lose its taste just the very next day! A number of travel cakes you would be making are - 

Refreshing Apricot Crumble Butter Cake : You will learn to add a desirable rich texture that you and your friends wouldn’t get enough of on your next road trip.  

The delectable Cherry Basque Chocolate Basque : a cross between a cookie and a brownie, in other words, a piece of absolute heaven! You will receive a fair understanding about the entire process that goes into the making of confit filling, chocolate frangipane filling plus chocolate dough and putting it all together in a perfectly balanced way.

Cherry Financier
Financiers are small flavorful cakes that typically have a shape of that of a bar. These nutty flavours are irresistible and equally appetizing. With APCA’s world-class chef, you will learn to make these with the addition of cherries! Now, doesn’t this sound royally luxurious?

Chocolate and Pistachio Melting cake
Nothing beats the satisfaction one gets after eating these delightful melting cakes! Imagine yourself making chocolate dacquoise with almond flakes on the outside and savory pistachio cream filling on the inside. Here you will learn the tips and techniques to prepare dacquoise the right way along with pistachio cream so the surprise within the cake turns out to be tasty one!

Chocolate Ingot Cake (Ingot is named after a bar of gold)
Getting it right is always tricky, but our chefs will train you in such a way that everytime you would a Chocolate Ingot cake, you will find your friends, guests and clients thrilled each time! Our chefs will tell you how you could make perfect chocolate layers and add it to the rum-soaked sponge cake.

Learn to make these ultimate butter cakes and ace their signature bump so that it does not please the taste buds but also keep up with the food, or rather in this case, cake aesthetics.

Orange Chocolate Travel Cake
APCA’s Intermediate Level - Online Pastry Program shall teach you to blend two of the tastiest flavors, Chocolate and orange, in such a way that the one ingredient does not overpower the other at all. Learn to prepare Orange Chocolate Travel Cake in perfect harmony.

Red Fruits Voyage Cake
This is again a financier cake, topped with red-colored fruits, and paired with a dacquoise making it a perfect meal in itself.

Marble Cake
Everyone loves Marble Cake, learn to make it and everyone will equally love you. With swirls of vanilla and chocolate flavored butter cake, the cake would be glazed with a chocolate gourmand glaze with nuts sprinkled here, there and everywhere.

Lemon Cake
There is not a single person on the planet who wouldn’t love a citrus flavored butter cake, and that gives you all the more reasons to learn to make the lemon glazed all-enchanting treat!

Mastering the art of making these delicious treats would make you the most wanted pastry chef in the town! Learn with APCA’s Online Pastry Program and give your career a boost that it truly deserves! Go ahead, check out our website for more details and enroll in the online baking course and earn the certificate that will change your life!