Hear Ye Hear Ye! APCA is here to give you an experience of a lifetime

APCA, one of the best and leading culinary schools in India, is inviting applications for one of their most popular courses. The Online Culinary Course has three levels: Basic level, Intermediate level and Advanced level, which you can access anytime, any place, and learn the technicalities at your leisurely pace! Let us give you an overview and abundant reasons as to why you need to enroll in this online program right away!

The Basic course is especially designed to give you a fair understanding of the fundamentals of the culinary arts. You will learn to sharpen your knife skills (pun intended), that is, cutting techniques that would make you look like a pro. After this, you will go on to learn the entire process of preparing tasty stock recipes, various amazingly delicious sauces, a couple of vegetable dishes including Cauliflower au Gratin, middle-eastern speciality Tabbouleh; side dish like creamed spinach, glazed carrots, french ratatouille, and salads like Caesar salad, pesto pasta salad. The chefs will tell you how to ace each one of these dishes, balance ultimate harmony between the ingredients, and tips to blend the same with perfection that, we believe, will surely leave your friends, family, guests and clients mesmerized by your cooking skills. Apart from this, you will be taught to make your eggs the right way. Many chefs have put emphasis on how egg and egg dishes require certain techniques that this course shall introduce to you.

If you are learning about fundamentals of culinary, leaving out potatoes out of the syllabus would not make sense now, would it? APCA Basic Level - Online Culinary Program would cover potato dishes such as Freshly Made Mashed Potatoes, Pommes Anna, also called Anna Potatoes, Duchess Potatoes, Golden Fried Potato Cake, also known as Roesti, delectable Gratin Dauphinoise, Lyonnaise Potatoes with Thyme, plus Potato and cheese croquette!  

One of the best parts about attending this course would be to learn cooking skills or rather polish them right from the comfort of your home! You will be provided with PDFs of individual programs, that you could check and go through them whenever you feel the need to do so! Basic level - Online Culinary Program will teach you a total number of seventy recipes within the duration of 319 minutes. The course is ideal for the people who find themselves too passionate but also too busy to follow that very passion. You can take a whole year and earn the certificate without losing the rhythm of your life or interrupting your daily routine.

You will be a part of a closed group for queries where you can discuss your doubts and demand clarity on any subject whatsoever. Beside this, there will be weekly Chef interaction, which would be a golden opportunity to learn extra tips from the chef herself/himself. The chef will introduce you to suppliers and equipment and how to make the best use of them! Last but not the least, there will be live theory sessions twice a month! So all in all it does sound like an amazing course at an affordable price! Go and check out the website, if you think you are interested in this course and would like to cover all three levels, then do get in touch with us today. And explore the option of taking up your passion instead of that boring job you do not like doing anyway. APCA Online Culinary Program will change your life and you will see it for yourself. So get on board and earn this certificate that may open up so many doors for you!