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Hear Ye Hear Ye! APCA is here to give you an experience of a lifetime

APCA, one of the best and leading culinary schools in India, is inviting applications for one of their most popular courses. The Online Culinary Course has three levels: Basic level, Intermediate leve

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Up your game with APCA's Basic Level - Online Pastry Program

Last year, lockdown and boredom led people to explore their multiple sides, out of which the most significant side that overpowered the rest of the sides was that of a cook. People who were even utter

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Bread your way with Chef Angelo Van Toorn

We like our breads in every size, shape and form! Over time, they have become an essential part of our diet and the idea of not being able to have it appears to be absolutely terrifying. But what if t

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Indulge in a flavorful affair with best French pastries

APCA brings you All About Basic French Pastries, an online program where you can learn to make and bake pastries right from scratch and from the comfort of your home. In this online course, you could

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Learn to make and bake travel cakes!

Let us give you an overview of the travel cakes you will learn to make during the APCA Intermediate Level - online program, which can be very well taken right from the comfort of your home!The name is

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How to become the best chef in 5 steps

PatienceTo become a chef is to be put under an extremely stressful environment that may become hard to deal with or come to terms with, if one does not acquire a certain amount of poise and patience.

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Make your sauces right with APCA’s Online Culinary Program

Importance of saucesThe French term Sauce is derived from Latin word Salus which literally means Salted. It doesn’t take too much in-depth knowledge about food in order to understand the importance

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5 reasons why you need to enroll yourself in APCA’s Eggless Certificate Program in Pastry and Bakery!

It is yum and nobody gets hurt!Gone are the days when people had to avoid their favorite desserts in the parties because of that one ingredient that either their system or their beliefs could not dige

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Let APCA tell you something about 'Things of Vienna'

‘Things of Vienna’ is a loose translation for Viennoiseries, that are baked goods which can be placed somewhere in between bread and puff pastry; and therefore can be assumed to be the best of bot

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APCA's advanced level Online Pastry Program for whom it's more than just a hobby

APCA introduces you to its exclusive Advanced Level - Online Pastry Program where you would get the chance to take your skills to an unimaginable level. Become a successful and certified pastry chef j

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Seven hundred and forty seven minutes are all you need to become a professional Baker and Pastry Chef

Seven hundred and forty seven minutes does sound a big number but definitely not when one is talking about a whole year, which typically has five lakh twenty-five thousand and six hundred minutes! So

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Online culinary and bakery programs that promises exposure and opportunities in abundance

Taking cooking courses is a fun and educational experience for anybody who likes the culinary arts. If you join APCA Chef Online, you will learn new ways to look at food, and will get introduced to ne

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Why Should You Take Cooking Classes? 6 Fantastic Advantages

There are several benefits of taking culinary lessons. Even if you don't intend to pursue a profession in the culinary arts, cooking lessons may benefit you in a variety of ways. Most cooking pro

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An Online culinary program to feed the chef in you

If you enjoy cooking, you already know that the greatest recipes can be tweaked to fit each individual's preferences. Culinary school online programmes are no different. Rather than attempting to

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APCA Chef Online gives a few pro tips to bake eggless vegan pastries

Making excellent vegan pastries may be difficult because many recipes call for a lot of animal ingredients. Most milk and dairy products, on the other hand, may be readily substituted with soy, almond

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apca culinary

For the sake of a good life, enroll! If you enjoy cooking, you already know that even the finest recipes may be tweaked to fit individual preferences. Online Culinary programs offered by APCA Chef On

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cake baking courses for beginners

Find out your worth with APCA Chef Online!The ability to enter the kitchen and express oneself via food is not only satisfying for the individual, but it is also a way to show love to others. Baking a

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egg free baking

Hypnotize people with your culinary skills!The way we cook and prepare food has changed throughout time. As a result of social media and television, cooking has become increasingly popular. Fresh and

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eggless baking courses

Enroll in APCA Chef Online All About Bread course for a therapeutic and informative ride! We enjoy bread in all sizes, shapes, and forms, don’t we? They have become such an important part of our die

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online pastry chef

Your chance to live the life you have dreamed of is now just a course away!Enrolling in cooking classes is a terrific way to develop your culinary talents and knowledge. These workshops give basic inf

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pastry chef online classes

Make and taste a couple of billion brilliant flavors without leaving your home We are betting that because we're still in the middle of a pandemic, most of you have a lot of free time at home be

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pastry course

Learn to present a beautiful story disguised as a pastry When you see a waiter approaching with the dessert you ordered, you give it a quick glance and begin speculating how it will taste based on how

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pastry course malaysia

It’s High-time to steer the wheel in your flavor, sorry, favor. APCA Chef Online is providing you with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to earn a globally recognised digital certificate while sitti

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Benefits of Online Bakery Classes - APCA Chef Online

Whether you enjoy working in the pastry department at a restaurant or own your own bakery, APCA's online bakery courses can help you gain knowledge, skills and confidence to develop your career a

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Best Online Baking Courses & Classes in India - APCA Chef Online

Wouldn't it be great if you could explore different ingredients and flavors while in the comfort of your own home? Well, luckily there are plenty of opportunities out there to learn how to bake.

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Eggless Baking Tips By APCA Chef Online

Because of religious and dietary reasons, eggless baking is very popular all over the world. Even if you do not have a problem with eating eggs, learning this skill as a home baker and especially as a

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Online Culinary Courses V/C Online Baking Courses: Decide What’s Best For You!

Do you like to watch cooking shows in your spare time? Are you constantly experimenting in the kitchen with new recipes? Consider a career in the food service industry. In general, aspiring cooks have

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Online Eggless Cake Baking Classes with APCA Chef Online!

We all have our own set of tastes and preferences when it comes to choosing what we eat; some of us prefer to eat our food without eggs. As we know, some people may eat this way for social, religious

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Top FAQs About Eggless Baking Classes: APCA Chef Online Answers!

Many people reach out to our master chefs and ask them some questions from time to time. So, we thought of compiling some of the most common questions and concerns that people often find themselves wo

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Top Professional Baking Courses Online - APCA Chef Online

Baking is both an art and a science; baking is a job that requires a lot of creativity, dedication, and a lot of love and passion for food. It's an exciting career for people with a natural passi

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Why Invest In APCA Chef’s Online Bakery Classes!

What courses does APCA Chef Online provide? APCA Chef Online offers short-term courses entirely dedicated to organic breads. If you enroll in our online course, you will not only be able to please yo

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Easy Homemade Desserts To Consider Serving For Your Guests - Part 1

Cooking is an art. And the thing about art is simple - the more you practice, the better you get at it. Desserts are notorious for being the toughest course of meals to ace. At times, even the most s

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Easy Homemade Desserts To Consider Serving For Your Guests - Part 2

Ratatouille is a beautiful animated movie whose plot revolves around food and cooking. While the film literally showed a rat could talk, one important thing Ratatouille flawlessly managed to highlight

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APCA is offering 5 different programs: • Professional Pastry – Basic to Advance • Professional Culinary – Basic to Advance • Eggless Pastry – Eggless. Vegan. Healthy. Organic • Master Pastry Chef series • Short course – Choose from available selection of topics

The program covers basic to advanced level of pastry. 30 different topics with 240 Plus recipes; it’s a complete pastry program for beginners and even professionals.

Once you’d enrol in the program, you will be given the access to our pre-recorded videos for 1 whole year, so you could learn anytime, anywhere and any no. of hours per day.

It covers basic to advanced level of culinary. 20 different topics with 200 Plus recipes. It is a complete culinary program designed for both beginners and professionals.

It covers basic to advanced level of eggless pastry, suitable for students who wish to learn about eggless pastry program. It covers 20 different topics with 200 Plus recipes covering eggless, vegan, healthy & organic within a span of 1 year

It’s an advanced version of Pastry program which requires students to have some prior knowledge about pastries. The Master Chef Series covers approximately 15 topics and more than 125 recipes by 5 world-class master chefs.

If you miss out a live demo, then at a later stage it will be edited and uploaded again. However, it would be good to attend live classes as they would give you an opportunity to ask questions right after the demo, which might not be possible in a recorded version.

We have a virtual concierge, which is a closed group on Facebook where you can ask questions, clear your doubts, and also share your products in order to get constructive feedback.

Yes, anybody who would enrol in any program after 1st Jan, 2021 will be provided PDFs of that particular program.

The entire program is professionally edited and pre-recorded which means that you get a clean professional learning through the video, that is any time better than a live video. Mostly live videos are taken by Mobile phone and there is a possibility of missing out on many important techniques while giving a demo; lots of disruptions and movements which cannot be redone or corrected. Having said that, we do offer extra live demo on weekends for the subscribers which may include a theory session and specific techniques followed by live questions and answer session. If you miss it, then it will be shared with you later.