Indulge in a flavorful affair with best French pastries

APCA brings you All About Basic French Pastries, an online program where you can learn to make and bake pastries right from scratch and from the comfort of your home. In this online course, you could understand strategies and techniques that would help you polish your skill set, further giving you a much-needed routine. In a short guide to best french pastries, you will learn about seven recipes and would be able to ace each one of them within a short period of time! 

So, let’s take a look at what APCA’s All About Basic French Pastries has to offer you!

Butter cream cup cake: These cupcakes with cream cheese frosting are to die for. Adding them to the All About Basic French Pastries online course was only natural. Through a series of videos you will be learning how to keep your cakes and cup cake all moist and soft and crumbly the right way! 

Chocolate Macaron - French Meringue: This classic French confection of two meringue shells sandwiched with rich chocolate ganache is a fancy dessert or candy that can make any event extra happening. Learn to make these charmers to charm your audience! 

Dacquoise with butter cream: Learn to make this light and chewy cake, yep, you heard us. Made with meringue and crushed hazelnuts, along with dreamy and delicious coffee buttercream, it is a winning recipe. It may sound a little complicated but if you follow the instructions given in the videos we will provide, not only you’d be able to make it easily but the outcome would be as satisfactory.

Iles Flottantes: also known as, or rather translates to floating island looks like a floating piece of heaven in your plate you will never get enough of. In APCA’s All About Basic French Pastries, you will be taught to make poached meringue with creamy anglaise sauce which will be the base. Imagine being able to create this piece of art and get all the praise for it looks and taste wise.

Meringue with Chocolate Mousse: This multi-textured dessert is a stunner and an absolute favorite among people. You will thoroughly enjoy the whole process of making chocolate mousse with apricots in the center for the surprise element along with a crunchy meringue base and glaze. Multi-textured dessert would naturally demand a lot of focus on many things and therefore a lot of practice. But worry not, APCA’s  All About Basic French Pastries would help you learn french puff and pastry recipes.

There are a lot more recipes that you will be covering in this extremely affordable online course. Learning from a world class chef and earning a certificate on completing the course would definitely open new doors for you to explore and more opportunities for you to consider.

This course is ideal for anyone who happens to have a keen curiosity for basic french pastries and would like to learn baking at a professional level. APCA strives for excellence coupled with passion and helps you to realize your dream. Do sign up for this course as soon as possible in order to add the right flavor in your life. You can also go ahead and check out for all the details of the other courses we are currently offering, you can go through the list and select the course that satisfies your wants and needs, and enrol yourself immediately. Take it from us, this will be the time of your life that you will never ever regret! And who is to say, the program might end up awakening your instinct, pushing you in the direction you always fancied to move in?