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All About Tarts and Tortes

In this online classes our chefs will be showcasing their Tart & Torte from start to finish. Together with the Video and the recipes you can easily recreate these products in your kitchen.:

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Soft Hot water pie crust baked with granny smith apples, raisins and cinnamon sugar.

A sweet pastry tart, filled with ganache molleuse, topped with chocolate glaze

Blitz pastry tart filled with crème patisserie and baked. Flan patisserie is the French equivalent of the custard tart. The delicious dessert is filled with simple, vanilla infused cream.

Crispy sweet pastry dough filled with moist almond cream, crème patisserie and fresh seasonal fruits.

Crispy baked sweet pastry filled with tangy lemon curd and topped with a soft toasted merengue.

A Spiced rye  sweet dough filled with raspberry jam giving a soft and chewy texture with noted of allspice and cinnamon

Textures of crispy sweets pastry, moist almond frangipane, and sweet poached pears combine to make this simple and beloved tart.

Savoury tart shells, filled with various filling such as onions or ham and baked along with an egg based custard, perfect to eat during high tea and brunch

A sweet pastry line tart, filled with green apples, a sweet egg based custard and baked until firm.

Chocolate sweet pastry tart shell, filled with a chocolate flourless sponge, raspberry jam and a light chocolate chiboust.

Sweet tart shell filled with pineapple almond cream, refreshing mango compote, and light caribbean cocktail mousse

Sweet paste dough lined tart, filled with pisatachio cream along with fresh grape fruit segments, topped with a light grapefruit chiboust and strawberry jelly

Caramelized puff pastry topped with praline mousseline and small choux pastry filled with vanilla cremeux.

 The classic flavours of Mont Blanc reimagined into a modern tart. 

Sweet pastry, Almond Cream and paoched pears presented in a modern and beautiful way to accentuate the pears beauty

Cheese Cake Revisited

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