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All About Basic French Pastries

In this online classes World Pastry Champion Chef Tan Wei Loon will be showcasing some of his All about Basic French Pastry from start to finish. Together with the Video and the recipes you can easily recreate these products in your kitchen.:

Duration:05 Hrs 40 Mins
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Basic Boulangerie

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Individually sized moist butter cakes decorated with delicious cream cheese frosting

 A classic French confection of two merengue shells sandwiched with rich chocolate ganache 

A light and chewy cake cake made with merengue and hazelnuts , sandwiched together with delicious coffee buttercream.

This quintessential classic French dessert consists of poached merengue floating as a island in creamy anglaise sauce

A chocolate based dessert made with chocolate mousse, filled with apricot and a crunchy meringue base and glazed. It shows a coination of various textures in a dessert.

The textures of crispy merengue, rich cream, and fresh fruits combine in honour of ballerina Anna pavlova that hase because a worldwide classic.  

A light yeast based dough baked and soaked in a flavorful syrup that accomapies well with cream and fresh fruits.

Classically, stale bread dipped in butter was used as the lining, but sponge cake or ladyfingers may be used. The cake made by lining the mould with sponge and filled with blackberry mousse and jelly.

A traditional cake from Germany, is a chocolate sponge cake with a rich cherry filling based on the German dessert Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte, literally "Black Forest Cherry-torte", made with Kirsch flavoured chocolate sponge and cream.

A French dessert consisting of a puff pastry base sandwiched with crème mouselline. A mille-Feuillet is made up of three layers of puff pastry. The top pastry layer is dusted with confectioner's sugar, and sometimes cocoa, pastry crumbs

Genoise sponge soaked with coffee syrup, layered with coffee buttercream. Learn to perfectly ice and layer a cake.

A layer of sponge, filled with cream and rolled. The sponge is light and delicious and pairs beautifully with jam or cream

A classic coffee flavoured French pastry made with jaconde sponge, coffee butter cream and coffee ganache, finished with a chocolate glaze

A classic and essential chocolate cake invented by Franz Sacher. Essential for any pastry chef.

Creamy and rich New York style cheesecake baked with a spiced biscuit crust.

A cold, no bake cheesecake set with gelatine over a crispy cookie base topped with a fruit jelly and served in individual portions.

A basic pastry made from milk, flour, eggs and butter, piped, baked and filled with crème Chantilly or diplomat

A light fluffy cheesecake, made from cream cheese folded with airy meringue and baked

Choux pastry piped into fingers and filled with cream Chantilly or diplomat, topped with liquid fondant or chocolate

A pastry made in commemoration of a cycle race from Paris to Brest, filled with hazelnut mousseline

Two crispy choux pastry covered in craquelin stacked one on the other and filled with pastry cream and raspberry jam.

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