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All About Chocolate

In this online classes World Pastry Champion Chef Tan Wei Loon and Silver Medallist, Asia Pastry Cup 2016, Chef Lim Chin Kheng will be showcasing their Chocolate Praline from start to finish. This program will cover different forms praline , bon bon , gummies, fudges, bars and tablets. Together with the Video and the recipes you can easily recreate these products in your kitchen.:

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Basic Boulangerie

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 Chocolate bon bons filled with aromatic and flavourful coffee infused ganache.

Chocolate bon bons filled with smooth and delicious combination or mint and chocolate

 Clusters of roasted almonds and puffed rice coated in tempered dark chocolate to make a crispy and delicious confectionary

Thick piped chocolate ganache rolled into a ball and coated in a mixture of cocoa powder and icing sugar to resemble the truffle mushroom

 Chocolate bon bons filled with single origin Madagascar ganache.

Travel cake made with a heavenly combination of chocolate and orange.

A simple but delicious bar of tempered dark chocolate and salted pistachios

Two soft and crumble chocolate sable cookies sandwiched with homemade hazelnut praline and enrobed in tempered dark chocolate.

This bon bon with combine the textures of tangy raspberry jelly and white chocolate ganache.

Milk chocolate, star anise, and raspberry combine to make a spicy and sweet bon  bon.

 Learn the art of making a perfect pear and calamansi flavoured pate de fruit. 

This bon bon combines the flavors or pear and calamansi in pate de fruit with a delicious basil genache to create a unique taste and texture

Two soft and crumble chocolate sable cookies sandwiched with homemade hazelnut praline and enrobed in tempered dark chocolate.

Learn how to make gummies, a fruit gum candy with a jelly like texture.

Pralines are a category of confections made by caramalising nuts and sugar and making it into a paste. Learn to make a perfect batch of coriander flavoured almond praline, cutting the bon bon and dipping it.

This molded bon bon combines a caramel flavored ganache with an exotic filling of mango, passion fruit, and coconut. 

A confection made with blackcurrant puree and cream. Learn the art of cooking it to attain the perfect texture and consistency.

A dipped chocolate bar made from caramel flavoured ganache. You will learn the science of making a ganche, cutting and dipping.

Pate de fruit literally translates to fruit paste. Learn the art of making a perfect apricot and passion fruit pate de fruit. 

A roll made from a layer of pate the fruit and marshmallow that’s rolled.

Caramel flavored ganache, coated in chocolate. 

A moulded bonbon with a coconut praline and jasmine tea ganache.

A crisp and crumbly sable along with a thin layer of salted caramel. This is then dipped into tempered chocolate.

A combination of pistachio flavoured marzipan, paired along with lemon flavoured chocolate ganache.

Nougat is a confection made from egg whites whipped along with honey, sugar and folded with candied nuts. It comes from the word meaning 'nut bread'. It has a chewy consistency

Learn to make panned nuts , also called dragees and also the technique of panning various other centres like nougat, pate de fruit etc.

Learn the technique of making marshmallows, flavoured with mango.

Selection of designer petit fours for room amenities

A bonbon that is a combination of lemon jelly along with an earl grey flavoured ganache. 

A ganache made with a combination of mixed berry pate de fruit and cinnamon flavoured ganache. The ganache is cut and enrobed in tempered chocolate

Chocolate Tempering

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