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All About Vegan

All About Vegan:

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Basic Boulangerie

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A cookie with a crispy outside and chewy interior full of oats, cranberries, and coconut

Classic rich chewy fudge brownies made vegan

Crumble and soft cookie with a delicious taste of peanut butter

Moist travel cake full of orange flavour and coated in vegan gourmet glaze

A vegan take on the classic moist banana bread

A layered cake of mango sponge, mango jam topped with homemade vegan coconut Chantilly

A rich and moist vegan cake made with layers or vegan sponge and vegan dark chocolate ganache. Topped with whipped ganache

Crispy vegan tart shell, caramel sauce and vegan vanilla whipped ganache

A rich and tasty vegan tart with vegan ganache and caramel

Apple Tart

A vegan take on the classic meringue dessert pavlova

Moist strawberry sponge, strawberry jam, pistachio paste and vegan strawberry whipped ganache

Vanilla soy ice cream bars dipped in vegan gourmet glaze

A moist layer cake of vegan chocolate sponge, salty caramel and roasted peanuts

Vegan take on the classic lemon tart. Crispy tart shell, vegan almond cream, vegan lemon curd and vegan Italian meringue

Theory about Vegan Recipes

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