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All About Plated Dessert

In this online class our chefs will be showcasing their Plated Dessert from start to finish. From classic crème brule to modern exitic desserts great for any fini dining restaurant.Together with the Video and the recipes you can easily recreate these products in your kitchen.:

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A classic Austrian dessert and consists of dough pulled paper thin and filled with an apples, cinnamon, raisins and sugar before rolling and baking until crisp

Named after the tatin sister and after the hotel is was first made in, consists of beautiful layers of caramelised apples baked with flaky golden puff pastry

Thin delicate crepes flambeed with sugar, fresh oranges and Cointreau

A moist dark chocolate cake with a molten flowing centre, served hot next to cold vanilla ice cream

A delicate custard baked in a water bath and chilled, coated with granulated sugar and brulee with a torch before serving

A soft and creamy custard set over a dark caramel and baked before inverting to create a delicious vanilla pudding topped with caramel

A semi frozen parfait of cream and nuts and combined with a crisp salty sable base

A sweet and tangy glace with the flavours of raspberry, strawberry and blackberry topped with fresh berries

An Italian dessert meaning cooked cream, that’s set with gelatine, usually served with jelly or fresh fruit. The rich taste of the cream is perfectly balanced with the freshness and acidity from the fruit

An individual portion dessert consisting of a mille feuille of chocolate mousse on a crunchy base, an orange confit and blood orange granita.

A deconstructed plating of carrot cake composed of carrot cake, cream cheese frosting, caramelised walnuts, confit carrots paired with a carrot orange sorbet.

A cold dessert made a hazelnut parfait on a crunchy hazelnut praline base and chocolate almond sponge, served along with lime whipped jelly and citrus caramel sauce.

Paradise Exotic with Cheese Ice-cream and Berry Sorbet

An asian inspired dessert consisting of pineapples poached in orange juice, served along with rice cooked in milk. The dessert is accompanied with a lemon flavoured souffle and crisp nougatine.

Learn the art of making a perfect souffle. A warm dessert made from raspberry flavoured custard and beaten egg white meringue. It is served along with a lemon sorbet.

Japanese Cheesecake Revisited

A single serving dessert composed of apple filled beignets, crisp apple chips, blending well with a white chocolate powder, a delicious caramel sauce, a light airy celery foam, served along with a green apple sorbet


A plated dessert consisting of a crème fraiche parfait, whiskey soaked chocolate sponge,decadent chocolate mousse and a light cappucino foam, served along with moch sugar cubes made from marshmallow.

Inspired by the japanese namelaka, this dessert consists of a caramalised white chocolate namelaka along with a strawberry jelly, crisp sable base, balsamic reduction and garnished with crisp strawberry tuile.

A single serving dessert consisting of a delicious hazelnut crunchy base, a creamy lemon mouselline served along with a tangy lemon confit powder and a lemon thyme sauce. The dessert is served with a yoghurt sorbet.

A dessert of the tropics. It consists of sticky rice served along with caramel sauce, a creamy coconut diplomat, crisp nougatine and a refreshing mango sorbet.

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