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All About Bread

In this online classes Chef Angelo Van Toorn will be showcasing some of his All About Bread from start to finish. You will be learning from basic straight dough method. preferment, sour dough and levain based bread. Together with the Video and the recipes you can easily recreate these products in your kitchen.:

Duration:03 Hrs 40 Mins
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Basic Boulangerie

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> Theory of Pre ferment

A Baguette made with a preferment giving it better flavor, texture, and shelf life

A braided soft and rich jewish bread, eaten typically ceremonial occasions.

This bread combines the flavors of chocolate and soaked apricots to give this loaf a special appeal.

Fougaase is a bread associated wiith the province region of France. This Fougasse is made with poolish giving it a better flavor and shelf life.

A classic crusty loaf originating in England. The loaf is characterized by its shape which is two balls of dough sitting on top of each other to resemble a cottage

Bordeaux style crown shaped bread, also known as Couronne is made up of small rolls of bread connected to create the shape of a golden crown.

> Genzano

Multigrain bread, topped with various seeds, made with a biga pre ferment. It is a crusty loaf with rounded ends and diagonal slashed on top, baked without a mould

Simply means 'french bread'  in Italian. It is a long thin loaf that is an Italian version of the baguette

 Whole Grains Theory

Learn the ins and outs of creating and maintaining a sourdough culture

This Baguette is made with sourdough giving it a complex flavor and chewier texture and combines with the aromas  of curry powder

Sourdough batters hydrated with fresh beets and beet juice giving it more moisture and nutrition.

Soft rolls with  caramelized onions and poppy seeds. An addition of a little sourdough gives a slight chew and more complex flavor.

High hydration loaf unshaped shappen loaves that produces an extremely fragrant and open crumb.

A combination of wheat flour, rye flour, and rye sourdough create this moist and nutritious loaf.

100% sourdough levain with sliced olives and overnight fermentation to give maximum flavor

A classic french country bread that can come in a variety of shapes. The small portion of rye in the recipes attributes to the flavor and aroma.

This loaf combines roasted potatoes and fresh rosemary for a classic country taste.

Slow Roasted Garlic and sourdough create a rich and complex aroma in this flavourful batard.

This high hydration rustic loaves combines, apple juice, roasted walnuts and apple reduction to gives a light and sweet texture to the crumb of this bread.

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