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Angelo Van Toorn

Angelo Van Toorn

Chef Angelo Van Toorn graduated from Johnson and Wales University where he obtained degrees in both Culinary Arts and Baking and Pastry Arts. He continued on to work for Michelin Star Chef Michael Mina for several years.

Duration:515 Minutes
Topic: 3
Recipe: 29
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A soft bun with homemade black sesame paste

A soft and moist bun with a savoury filling of sweet corn and cheese

Sweet bun with Mango cream cheese filling

A classic japanese soft bun with crispy and sweet topping

A soft bun covered in Nori and Chicken Floss

A classic asian bread with homemade red bean paste

A savoury take on the classic tart sucre replacing the sugar with rosemarry infused butter

A soft butter bun in the shape of a crescent

 A soft bun loaded with fresh spring onion

A classic asian soft bun with a crackling cookie topping

Demi baguette 

Pain aromatique

Tomato and herb batard 

Jalepeno Cheddar Sourdough

Pain cacao

Buckwheat crown

Portuguese sweetbread


Liquid sourdoughs starter

Stiff sourdough starter 

Pate fermente

Sourdough croissant 

Lavender currant danish

Red fruits lotus

Pan D Oro

Hazelnut chocolate danish

Wasabi shrimp brioche puff 

Pan de mie bi Color

Hazelnut cafe

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