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Chef Lim MasterClass

Lim Chin Kheng

He is very dedicated to Pastries and has a strong working experience in One World Hotel, The Saujana Resorts and Hotel and also Melia Hotel Kuala Lumpur. He represented Malaysia during Asian Pastry Cup 2016 and received 2nd Position. He conducts full time workshops and Intensive class for students in Malaysia and Philippines. He represented Malaysia in World Pastry Cup 2017 in France, January 2017.

Duration:1177 Minutes
Topic: 7
Recipe: 62
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Typical alcohol chocolate bonbon. We using bailey’s Irish cream to pairing with white chocolate so on this recipe is design for Bailey’s lovers. You will non stop this bonbon because it’s delicious.

Florentine is thin caramel almond layer common go together with sweet pastry. One this version we doing orange flavours florentine with dark chocolate ganache.

Inspired by the famous chocolate snack. On this recipe we using dark bitter alunga chocolate as ganache and add milk jam to get soft texture and milky flavours

One of the special pate de fruit recipe which is added in spices to improve flavours. Let’s see how well of pairing of cinnamon and pear.

This bonbon is inspired by American pecan pie. We doing the caramel candy as caramel sauce and soft pecan praline as per pecan nut for the pie. I hope you will enjoy this creation

We are using red fruits flavours Tea bag to infused the ganache and raspberry purée. After taste of this bonbon is gorgeous and tasty. Let’s see the red fruit tea is work well with chocolate.

We cook the homemade peanut praline. Which is aromatic and creamy taste. then combine with strawberry ganache to balancing the flavour of this bonbon.

The recipe according the inspiration of famous Spain Valencia orange to make is caramel based ganache with orange flavour.

This vanilla fudge will taste strong caramel flavours and vanilla as well. For those who like fudge can’t miss it.

It’s is flavourful and tasty  strawberry soft candy. Even kids also will like it.

The perfect pairing of coffee and bailey’s Irish cream liquor. Special design for Bailey’s lover and perfect balancing flavours of coffee , chocolate and bailey’s Irish cream.

Chef Tan Wei loon 2015 world pastry cup chocolate cakes. Rich chocolate cake with Earl grey and mango lemon combination. The shinning glaze technique also created by chef Tan.

One of the delicious cakes combination hazelnut , apricot and milk chocolate. See how is nutty flavour , sourness of apricot  and Milky chocolate taste play balancing in this cakes. It’s is fantastic taste journey.

Very moist olive oil sponge go with apricot passion fruit and lastly balance with vanilla mascarpone cream. Olive oil is not common used in pastry kitchen. Let see the how is olive oil surprisingly work together with other pastry ingredients.

It’s not Classic version Black Forest. This version of Black Forest is modern and trendy which is less sweet , soft texture , simple and straight forward. For sure the liquor also play important role in enrich the flavours.

Indian mango is the main ingredient of the cakes. We used mango to make mango caramel and mango mousse to improve the taste of mango. Creme Chantilly to provided refreshing for the end taste.

Raspberry and dark chocolate is classic combination in pastry. This time we still using strong dark chocolate and sourness raspberry also added in milk chocolate to balance the taste and let you could consumption more on this cakes. Let’s try it.

Tropical fruits and cream cheese combination for the entremet. Even the glaze also added tropical fruits flavour to push the maximum taste of exotics to this Entremet. We hope you are enjoy this cakes.

Special design for chestnut lover. These chestnut cakes are nicely balance and have a nice soft and moist texture.

Simple ingredients and easy method make the tastiest chocolate cakes which contains sea salt rich chocolate flavours.

Earl grey tea flavour pair with sweet figs combination cakes. The softest and most delicate cake that compliments any event or even simple with a good cup of coffee and tea.

Classic fruit cake made with soaked liquor dried fruit. A festival , flavourful and moist fruit cake to enjoy all holiday season.

With a three texture in one cakes and rich chocolate flavours. Super moist , crumb and fudgy , this grand Classic recipe will soon be your favourite too.

This impressive cakes from 3 main components and flavoured by raspberry , roses and lychee. . This moist delicately scented cake may seem sophisticated, but it is incredibly easy to make.

Matcha and red bean is to Japan as peanut butter and jelly is to America. It’s a widely popular flavour pairing in Japan. Bean in a dessert may seem strange. But , I assure you , matcha and red bean is a delicious and fantastic combination.

It’s texture is really financier texture, but it is studded with chocolate chip that give it a tiger look. The centre is usually with chocolate ganache. One of soft and richest flavours tea cakes.

American Cheesecake

Apple Lemon Tart

Cherry and Chocolate Flan

Mont Blanc

Peach Melba

Pistachio Raspberry Tart

Apple Tatin


Peanut and Caramel Bar (Snicker)

Soft Nougat Chocolate

Chocolate Crispy

Raspberry Chocolate Spread

Orange and Vanilla Marshmallow

Hazelnut Spread

Lychee Pate de Fruit 

Raspberry Mango Jam

Almond and Lemon Spread

Banana Passion Caramel Spread

Coconut Caramel Spread

Passion Ganache and Coconut Praline

Chocolate Grand Marnier

Exotic Summer

La Mandarin

Pina Colada

Raspberry Pistachio

American Hybrid

American Strawberry Shortcake

Chocolate Banana

Chocolate Superior

De Coco

Muffin Revisited

Red Velvet Revisited

Rum & Raisin

The Peanut

Trio Chocolate

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