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Basic Level - Online Pastry Program

This level aims at the most basic level of pastry making where you can learn about basic breads, laminated dough, chocolates, cookies, cake designing and French Pastries:

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Individually sized moist butter cakes decorated with delicious cream cheese frosting

A classic French confection of two merengue shells sandwiched with rich chocolate ganache

A light and chewy cake cake made with merengue and hazelnuts , sandwiched together with delicious coffee buttercream.

This quintessential classic French dessert consists of poached merengue floating as a island in creamy anglaise sauce

A chocolate based dessert made with chocolate mousse, filled with apricot and a crunchy meringue base and glazed. It shows a coination of various textures in a dessert.

The textures of crispy merengue, rich cream, and fresh fruits combine in honour of ballerina Anna pavlova that hase because a worldwide classic.

A light yeast based dough baked and soaked in a flavorful syrup that accomapies well with cream and fresh fruits.

Italian leavened flat bread with origins and old as ancient Rome. Its characterised by its soft texture made with a variety or topping and styles and enjoyed worldwide.

A light and crispy Italian bread Ideal sandwiches because of its soft interior and thin crumb .

The worldwide symbol of French breads. Baguette has a thin crispy crust and an open light interior making it the perfect bread for any occasion.

Pan au lait is a French enriched breads made with a high portion of milk giving a soft slight sweet taste which lends well to sandwich loafs.

A small individually portions soft dough, that can be used in a variety of ways from a dinner accompaniment to garlic rolls and burger buns.

This  whole wheat loaf has a earthy aroma and complex taste from the whole grains. A healthy and nutritious alternative to white breads.

A lighter form of healthy and flavourful rye bread. Great for sandwiches or as an accompaniment to charcuterie.

A soft crumbly quick risen with baking soda. Can be made plain or with a variety of dried fruits to serve at breakfast with butter and jam or with savoury dishes like soups and stews.

Loved worldwide pizza is a Italian flat breads bakes with a variety of sauces and toppings. This pizza has a thin crust with mozzarella cheese and homemade tomato sauce

Basic Breads Theory Video 

A simple but delicious bar of tempered dark chocolate and salted pistachios

Thick piped chocolate ganache rolled into a ball and coated in a mixture of cocoa powder and icing sugar to resemble the truffle mushroom

 Chocolate bon bons filled with single origin Madagascar ganache.

 Chocolate bon bons filled with aromatic and flavourful coffee infused ganache.

Chocolate bon bons filled with smooth and delicious combination or mint and chocolate

 Chocolate bon bons filled with a zesty orange ganache.

 Clusters of roasted almonds and puffed rice coated in tempered dark chocolate to make a crispy and delicious confectionary

> Chocolate Tempering

Two soft and crumble chocolate sable cookies sandwiched with homemade hazelnut praline and enrobed in tempered dark chocolate.

A thin dry cookie bakes with sliced nuts that makes a perfect accompany to tea and coffee.

A cookie of British origin, typically eaten at high tea along with clotted cream and jam. British scones are often lightly sweetened. They frequently include raisins, currants, cheese or dates.

 Diamond cookies are Soft an crumble cookie rolled in granulated sugar and baked giving the diamond in its name .Sable Viennese is made by creaming butter and sugar, folding flour, and piped into various. They have a buttery, melt in the mouth texture.

Baked in a bar shaped mould, Financier a small moist cake made from almond flour flavoured with brown butter perfect for high tea. The buerre noisette gives it its characteristic taste.

A thin cookie made from nuts, sugar and butter, and coated with chocolate.

A high fibre bar of Oats, dry fruits, and honey that makes a perfect snack on the go

Leckerils are  hard spiced biscuit derived from austria. These cookies are perfect combination with tea and coffee

Chewy cookie made from oats and raisins. Oats are packed in fibre making it a healthy choice to eat.

A savoury cookie with parmesan cheese and chilli flakes

Classically, stale bread dipped in butter was used as the lining, but sponge cake or ladyfingers may be used. The cake made by lining the mould with sponge and filled with blackberry mousse and jelly.

A traditional cake from Germany, is a chocolate sponge cake with a rich cherry filling based on the German dessert Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte, literally "Black Forest Cherry-torte",  made with Kirsch flavoured chocolate sponge and cream.

A French dessert consisting of a puff pastry base sandwiched with crème mouselline.a mille-Feuillet is made up of three layers of puff pastry . The top pastry layer is dusted with confectioner's sugar, and sometimes cocoa, pastry crumbs

Genoise sponge soaked with coffee syrup, layered with coffee buttercream. Learn to perfectly ice and layer a cake.

A layer of sponge, filled with cream and rolled. The sponge is light and delicious and pairs beautifully with jam or cream

A classic coffee flavoured French pastry made with jaconde sponge, coffee butter cream and coffee ganache, finished with a chocolate glaze

A classic and essential chocolate cake invented by Franz Sacher. Essential for any pastry chef.

Creamy and rich New York style cheesecake baked with a spiced biscuit crust.

A cold, no bake cheesecake set with gelatine over a crispy cookie base topped with a fruit jelly and served in individual portions.

A basic pastry made from milk, flour, eggs and butter, piped, baked and filled with crème Chantilly or diplomat

A light fluffy cheesecake, made from cream cheese folded  with airy meringue and baked

Choux pastry piped into fingers and filled with cream Chantilly or diplomat, topped with liquid fondant or chocolate

A pastry made in commemoration of a cycle race from Paris to Brest, filled with hazelnut mousseline

Two crispy choux pastry covered in craquelin stacked one on the other and filled with pastry cream and raspberry jam.

This quick bread is made from sweet ripe bananas and bakes perfectly to give a moist cakelike texture.

This quick bread is made from sweet ripe bananas and bakes perfectly to give a moist cake like texture.

An extremely versatile soft and rich bread given its texture from higher amounts of eggs and butter. 

Made with grated carrots these muffins give a super moist texture topped with a crispy cinnamon crumble.

The essential breakfast pastry . A light and flaky raised breads created by making multiple layers of dough and butter and baking to crisp and gold

Light yeasted raised doughnuts fried and coated with a sweet sugar icing.

Flaky puff pastry dough shaped like palm leaves and coated in sugar. Baked until golden brown giving a really crisp and flaky cookie to serve with coffee or tea.

Pan chocolate is light and flaky pastry made from a flaky buttery dough and filled with dark chocolate before baking.

A classic danish made from laminated pastry rolled with pastry cream and raisins.

Soft Hot water pie crust baked with granny smith apples, raisins and cinnamon sugar.

A sweet pastry tart, filled with ganache molleuse, topped with chocolate glaze

Blitz pastry tart filled with crème patisserie and baked. Flan patisserie is the French equivalent of the custard tart. The delicious dessert is filled with simple, vanilla infused cream.

Crispy sweet pastry dough filled with moist almond cream, crème patisserie and fresh seasonal fruits.

Crispy baked sweet pastry filled with tangy lemon curd and topped with a soft toasted merengue.

A Spiced rye  sweet dough filled with raspberry jam giving a soft and chewy texture with noted of allspice and cinnamon

Textures of crispy sweets pastry, moist almond frangipane, and sweet poached pears combine to make this simple and beloved tart.

Savoury tart shells, filled with various filling such as onions or ham and baked along with an egg based custard, perfect to eat during high tea and brunch

A sweet pastry line tart, filled with green apples, a sweet egg based custard and baked until firm.

A classic Austrian dessert  and consists of dough pulled paper thin and filled with an apples, cinnamon, raisins and sugar before rolling  and baking until crisp.

Named after the Tatin sister and after the hotel it was first made in, consists of beautiful layers of caramelised apples baked with flaky golden puff pastry.

Thin delicate crepes flambéed with sugar, fresh oranges, and Cointreau. 

A moist dark chocolate cake with a molten flowing centre, served hot next to cold vanilla ice cream.

A delicate custard baked in a water bath and chilled , coated with granulated sugar and Brule with a torch before serving.

A soft and creamy custard set over a dark caramel and baked before inverting to create a delicious vanilla pudding topped with caramel

A semi frozen parfait  of cream and nuts and combined with a crisp salty sable base

A sweet ad tangy glace with the flavors of raspberry, strawberry, and blackberry topped with fresh berries.

An Italian dessert meaning cooked cream, that’s set with gelatine, usually served with jelly or fresh fruit. The rich taste of the cream is perfectly balanced with the freshness and acidity from the fruit.

A basic designer cake by world Pastry Champion Loi Ming Ai

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