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Intermediate Level - Online Pastry Program

This level is a build up on the basic and take you to next level of techniques and information. You will also see the introduction of Travel cakes, sugar display and chocolate displays:

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Boston Cream Pie

Castella Cake

Cheese Roll

Chocolate Sand Cake

Chocolate Souffle Cake

Durian Vanilla Cake


Greentea Layer Cake

Savory Delight

Tiger Skin Roll

Asian Sponge Theory

A rich butter cake with dried apricots topped with a crumble crust.the texture combination makes it a delectable treat

Basque cakes are a cross between a cookie and a brownie, that comes from the Basque region of France. You will learn a cherry basque with a cherry confit filling and a chocolate basque with a chocolate dough and a chocolate frangipani filling.

Financiers are small cakes characterised by their bar shape with a nutty taste from brown butter. This variation is made with the addition of cherries.

A chocolate dacquoise couvered with almond flakes on the outside with a rich pistachio cream filling on the inside. A real tea time delight

Ingot is named after a bar of gold. A melt in the mouth cake made with layers of chocolate sponge soaked in rum syrup and sanwiched with chocolate ganache.

A small cake from northeastern France characterised by its shell shape. Learn to make these delectable butter cakes and achieve their signature bump.

Travel cake made with a heavenly combination of chocolate and orange.

A financier base topped with red fruits and paired along with a Dacquoise making it a lovely textural combination

Marble cake with swirls of vanilla and chocolate flavoured butter cake, glazed with a chocolate gourmand glaze with nuts.

A citrus flavoured butter cake, baked and glazed with lemon icing.

Brioche dough filled with mango cream and topped with lemon sable

Brioche with its naturally soft and rich characteristics, Pairs with a crispy craquelin and homemade dulce de leche

Sweet and rich brioche dough that has undergone the lamination like croissant giving it a soft but flaky texture.

Learn to make popular bi color croissant filled with homemade raspberry jam

This danish combines flaky croissant dough filled with homemade granola made from a variety of dried fruits and nuts. Flaky and delicious

Rich brioche combines with a lemon and blueberry jam creating rich, soft and sweet tastes and textures.

Italian sweet bread with origin in Milan, typically eaten at Christmas. It is made from a brioche like dough infused with rum soaked raisins and orange peel. It is light in texture and buttery to taste.

Homemade almond marzipan, dark chocolate, wrapped in croissant dough with a unique form of lamination creating a beautiful design.

This French classic is thought to come from the town of  Pithiviers france. There are many varieties of the pathivier for many occasions but this classic consists of Invert Puff pastry and almond cream

A designer cake by world Pastry Champion Loi Ming Ai covering technique of fondant, covering the cake, flower , Painting all in a step by step method

A 3 dimensional Basic sugar display covering  boiling of sugar , colouring, pulling basic sugar flowers, Pastillage, basic blowing and forming a stunning display

A 3 dimensional chocolate display which involve techniques like tempering of chocolates, Casting, robot couple chocolate , air brush of colours, polishing and finishing a colourful display

Small tea cakes which is hazelnut and caramel combination. One of best option pastry for afternoon tea break with coffee and tea.

This is Japanese pastry chef creation sponge. Which is using Choux paste base add meringue to make a soft and unique texture sponge.

Inspired by Kyoto bamboo forest. This is matcha and cherry combination represent the Japanese unique flavour.

This is rich chocolate butter cake and chocolate Dacquoise combination travel cakes special design for chocolate addicts. Chocolate lovers can’t skip cakes.

Invented by classic French financier cake. This recipe add in typical Japanese ingredients matcha and black & white sesame to attract Asian taste buds.

Swill Rolls, or Roll Cakes is a type of sponge cake filled with whipped cream, buttercream, custard cream, and sometimes include fruits like strawberries. We will gonna to teach you how to court the sponge SG(special Gravity) to achieve perfect sponge.

Strawberry Shortcake is Name Card of Japanese French pastry. It’s strawberry ,Creme Chantilly and soft genoise sponge combination.

Invented by lemon meringue tart. We will using Japanese Yuzu (Japanese citrus)to make this classic tart and give you  a different experience of taste and flavours profile.

The classic Japanese combination of black sesame and matcha. Each component play important role to balance the cakes.

An individual portion dessert consisting of a mille feuille of chocolate mousse on a crunchy base, an orange confit and blood orange granita.

A deconstructed plating of carrot cake composed of carrot cake, cream cheese frosting, caramelised walnuts, confit carrots paired with a carrot orange sorbet.

A cold dessert made a hazelnut parfait on a crunchy hazelnut praline base and chocolate almond sponge, served along with lime whipped jelly and citrus caramel sauce.

A combination of cheese and berries. It consists of a cheese ice cream, raspberry sorbet and strawberry sorbet along with a balsamic reduction and crumble.

An asian inspired dessert consisting of pineapples poached in orange juice, served along with rice cooked in milk. The dessert is accompanied with a lemon flavoured souffle and crisp nougatine.

Learn the art of making a perfect souffle. A warm dessert made from raspberry flavoured custard and beaten egg white meringue. It is served along with a lemon sorbet.

Cheesecake , strawberry jelly, airy strawberry foam,  sable viennois and crème chantilly along with fresh strawberries and basil

A beautiful combination of berry jelly, with creamy vanilla mousse on a chocolate almond sponge base. The pastry is glazed with a shiny red mirror glaze. You will learn how to construct the pastry building all the elements, unmoulding, glazing and garnishing.

A dessert that combines various textures. A crunchy praline base, a hazelnut daquoise and a dense ganache molleuse, finished with a shiny crispy chocolate disk and creamy whipped milk chocolate chantilly.

A modern take on the classic St. Honore. A crunchy sable base topped with raspberry jam and craqueline topped choux pastry filled with raspberry cream elevated and finished off with a perfectly balanced combination of raspberry and rose. 

Learn to create the elements and assemble a Crisp Traou Mad cookie base along with a milk chocolate ganache and tangy passion fruit jelly paired with a yoghurt mousse. This dessert is glazed with a clear neutral glaze making it appealing and delicious.

Inspired by the flavours of the classic tiramisu, this is a pastry version made with ladyfinger biscuit base soaked with coffee syrup, a decadent coffee infused ganache and a creamy mascarporne mousse.

Pate de fruit literally translates to fruit paste. Learn the art of making a perfect apricot and passion fruit pate de fruit. 

A dipped chocolate bar made from caramel flavoured ganache. You will learn the science of making a ganche, cutting and dipping.

A confection made with blackcurrant puree and cream. Learn the art of cooking it to attain the perfect texture and consistency.

Pralines are a category of confections made by caramalising nuts and sugar and making it into a paste. Learn to make a perfect batch of coriander flavoured almond praline, cutting the bon bon and dipping it.

This molded bon bon combines a caramel flavored ganache with an exotic filling of mango, passion fruit, and coconut. 

Learn how to make gummies, a fruit gum candy with a jelly like texture.

This bon bon combines the flavors or pear and calamansi in pate de fruit with a delicious basil genache to create a unique taste and texture

 Learn the art of making a perfect pear and calamansi flavoured pate de fruit. 

Milk chocolate, star anise, and raspberry combine to make a spicy and sweet bon  bon.

This bon bon with combine the textures of tangy raspberry jelly and white chocolate ganache.

Introduction to all products

> Theory of Pre ferment

A Baguette made with a preferment giving it better flavor, texture, and shelf life

A braided soft and rich jewish bread, eaten typically ceremonial occasions.

This bread combines the flavors of chocolate and soaked apricots to give this loaf a special appeal.

Fougaase is a bread associated wiith the province region of France. This Fougasse is made with poolish giving it a better flavor and shelf life.

A classic crusty loaf originating in England. The loaf is characterized by its shape which is two balls of dough sitting on top of each other to resemble a cottage

Bordeaux style crown shaped bread, also known as Couronne is made up of small rolls of bread connected to create the shape of a golden crown.

> Genzano

Multigrain bread, topped with various seeds, made with a biga pre ferment. It is a crusty loaf with rounded ends and diagonal slashed on top, baked without a mould

Simply means 'french bread'  in Italian. It is a long thin loaf that is an Italian version of the baguette

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