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Advanced Level - Online Pastry Program

This is the most advance level of pastry making which includes most advance chocolates, confections, Modern french Pastries, Tart & Torte, displays, panning and sour doughs.:

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Anti pasti from Italy made from toasted french bagutte topped with tomatoes and basil

Assorted variety of small finger sandwiches perfect for high tea.

Also known as devilled eggs, it is made up of shelled hard boiled eggs cut in half, filled with a paste made of yolks, mayonnaise and other added ingredients

Mini Mediterranean style pitas

Inverse puff pastry  shells made by cutting rounds of puff dough, baked and filled with a creamy mushroom filling. 

Caramelised onion filling baked in a savoury tart shell filled with a savoury custard.

Originating in Linguria and Genoa, it is made of a leavened flat bread topped with a mixture of caramalised onions and anchovies

Mini Russian buckwheat pancakes topped with assorted toppings

A stunning designer figurine cake by world Pastry Champion chef Loi Ming Ai , putting all different techniques with addition of figurines 

A 3 dimensional Advance sugar display by World Pastry champion covering in depth techniques of boiling sugar, colouring, casting , advance blowing of figurines, flower, pastiallge, air brush techniques & assembly of a world class display

A 3 dimensional  Advance chocolate display by World Pastry champion covering indepth technique how to make cardborad mould, tempering, casting, making flowers, figurines and bit of Carving technique and finally assembly into a designer delight

A single serving dessert composed of apple filled beignets, crisp apple chips, blending well with a white chocolate powder, a delicious caramel sauce, a light airy celery foam, served along with a green apple sorbet


A plated dessert consisting of a crème fraiche parfait, whiskey soaked chocolate sponge,decadent chocolate mousse and a light cappucino foam, served along with moch sugar cubes made from marshmallow.

Inspired by the japanese namelaka, this dessert consists of a caramalised white chocolate namelaka along with a strawberry jelly, crisp sable base, balsamic reduction and garnished with crisp strawberry tuile.

A single serving dessert consisting of a delicious hazelnut crunchy base, a creamy lemon mouselline served along with a tangy lemon confit powder and a lemon thyme sauce. The dessert is served with a yoghurt sorbet.

A dessert of the tropics. It consists of sticky rice served along with caramel sauce, a creamy coconut diplomat, crisp nougatine and a refreshing mango sorbet.

Chocolate sweet pastry tart shell, filled with a chocolate flourless sponge, raspberry jam and a light chocolate chiboust.

Sweet tart shell filled with pineapple almond cream, refreshing mango compote, and light caribbean cocktail mousse

Sweet paste dough lined tart, filled with pisatachio cream along with fresh grape fruit segments, topped with a light grapefruit chiboust and strawberry jelly

Caramelized puff pastry topped with praline mousseline and small choux pastry filled with vanilla cremeux.

The classic flavours of Mont Blanc reimagined into a modern tart.

Sweet pastry, Almond Cream and paoched pears presented in a modern and beautiful way to accentuate the pears beauty

Almond shortcrut with baked cheesecake, filled with citrus pain de gene, light cream cheese mousse, and refreshing lime confit.

A moist blueberry sponge, encasing a delicious blueberry flavored cream cheese mousse along with strawberry jelly and a lady finger biscuit soaked with strawberry syrup

A modern french pastry constructed with a sable base topped with an exotic fruit compote made from pineapple and mangoes, baked with a just like cheesecake sponge. The cake is topped with a creamy milk chocolate whipped ganache

A petit gateau or entremet made with a light hazelnut mousse with a coffee ganache centre and hazelnut dacquoise. It also consists of a hazelnut praline flavoured crunchy base.

A delicious dessert consisting of raspberry confit and pistachio sponge encased with a lychee cream mousse, on a pistachio crumble base.

The heavenly combination of chocolate and orange is recreated in this dessert. It consists of a decadent brownie base, along with a moist chocolate almond sponge, a light orange cream and an orange chocolate ganache filled with chocolate coated walnuts, surrounded by a decadent chocolate mousse.

A combination of spiced berry jelly along with a mint flavoured ganache and caramalised cashew-nuts, surrounded with a dense chocolate mousse. The base for the dessert consists of a moist chocolate almond sponge.

a macaron sandwich filled with chocolate / Strawberry  flavoured ice cream

An ice cream cake made with a combination of banana sorbet, soft caramel filling and chocolate ice cream nestled on a crunchy peanut sable base.

Parfait infused with earl grey tea along with milk chocolate ice cream

A combination of exotic flavours that consists of an mango lemon sorbet paired along with chocolate gianduja parfait with caramalised cocoa nibs toasted coconut ice cream on a gianduja flavoured dacquoise base.

a macaron sandwich filled with chocolate / Strawberry  flavoured ice cream

An ice cream cake made with maple ice cream along with caramalised walnuts along with a hazelnut dacquoise base

Inspired by the italian dessert, this ice cream cake is made from mascaprne ice cream, coffee ice cream on an almond dacquoise.

A classic, made with strawberry sorbet and vanilla ice cream along with crunchy meringue and crème chantilly

Caramel flavored ganache, coated in chocolate. 

A ganache made with a combination of mixed berry pate de fruit and cinnamon flavoured ganache. The ganache is cut and enrobed in tempered chocolate

A bonbon that is a combination of lemon jelly along with an earl grey flavoured ganache. 

Learn the technique of making marshmallows, flavoured with mango.

Learn to make panned nuts , also called dragees and also the technique of panning various other centres like nougat, pate de fruit etc.

A roll made from a layer of pate the fruit and marshmallow that’s rolled.

Nougat is a confection made from egg whites whipped along with honey, sugar and folded with candied nuts. It comes from the word meaning 'nut bread'. It has a chewy consistency

A combination of pistachio flavoured marzipan, paired along with lemon flavoured chocolate ganache.

A crisp and crumbly sable along with a thin layer of salted caramel. This is then dipped into tempered chocolate.

A moulded bonbon with a coconut praline and jasmine tea ganache.

Selection of designer petit fours for room amenities

 Whole Grains Theory

Learn the ins and outs of creating and maintaining a sourdough culture

This Baguette is made with sourdough giving it a complex flavor and chewier texture and combines with the aromas  of curry powder

Sourdough batters hydrated with fresh beets and beet juice giving it more moisture and nutrition.

Soft rolls with  caramelized onions and poppy seeds. An addition of a little sourdough gives a slight chew and more complex flavor.

High hydration loaf unshaped shappen loaves that produces an extremely fragrant and open crumb.

A combination of wheat flour, rye flour, and rye sourdough create this moist and nutritious loaf.

100% sourdough levain with sliced olives and overnight fermentation to give maximum flavor

A classic french country bread that can come in a variety of shapes. The small portion of rye in the recipes attributes to the flavor and aroma.

This loaf combines roasted potatoes and fresh rosemary for a classic country taste.

Slow Roasted Garlic and sourdough create a rich and complex aroma in this flavourful batard.

This high hydration rustic loaves combines, apple juice, roasted walnuts and apple reduction to gives a light and sweet texture to the crumb of this bread.

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