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Easy Cake Glaze Recipes to Delight Your Guests This Diwali

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Diwali is just around the corner, and we can’t contain our excitement. Homes ablaze with twinkling fairy lights, family and friends gathered together reminiscing good old times, and finally, the give and take of sweets with a smile. The mere thought of all this makes every Indian light up with joy. Much like Joey does when he sees food coming his way!

But hey, let’s be honest. As much as we love gobbling traditional Indian sweets on Diwali, a part of us dies inside when Soan Papdi is thrust inside our mouth for the umpteenth time. So, this time, let’s break the chain. How about welcoming your guests with cakes rather than laddoos or worse, soan papdis? Sounds interesting, right? So why wait?

Read this blog specially curated with top cake glaze recipes to make sure this Diwali, you delight your guests with sweets that are everything but “only sweet”. Let’s start!

7 Cake Glaze Recipes You Must Try This Festive Season

Remove the “dull” from “desserts” with these simple but scrumptious cake glaze recipes for Diwali:

1. Powdered Sugar Glaze with Cinnamon

Plate containing bundt cake with white sugar icing

If you love a pop of woody aroma in your cake, this effortlessly easy cinnamon sugar glaze recipe is something we implore you to try this Diwali.

Made of just four ingredients, this iconic glaze recipe takes less than 10 minutes to get prepared and goes brilliantly well with the most basic cake flavours. What’s more? You can customize it as per your choice! Really - just swap cinnamon with a different flavouring ingredient you like. And there, you have your own, custom sugar glaze ready to pour on the cake and serve your guests!

Ingredients: Milk, icing sugar, vanilla extract, and ground cinnamon.
Tastes best with: Vanilla bundt cake, carrot cake.

2. Tangy Strawberry and Mint Glaze

Cake with strawberry glaze on a holder

No offence to all those with a sweet tooth but listen up - there is a thing called “too many sweets” and that’s called the sugar rush! There, we said that.

So, this one time, spare your guests another sugary dessert on Diwali. For a change, welcome them with a slice of cake drenched in this tart and tangy strawberry mint glaze. With a pleasing strawberry flavour and subtle top notes of mint, the taste of this cake glaze will surely make your guests smile brighter than all the fairy lights combined.

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Ingredients: Powdered white sugar, icing sugar, fresh strawberry, mint extract, and water.
Tastes best with: Cheesecake, vanilla sponge cake.

3. Rich Cocoa Cake Glaze

Vanilla cake with chocolate frosting on round holder

Chocolates on Diwali? Yes, please! But the same, old-school style? Not when you have APCA by your sid

One of the easiest and most common glaze recipes, the cocoa glaze is a no-brainer for cakes and muffins. Simply drizzle it on top of your favourite cake and see how it oomphs up its looks and makes it taste a lot more luscious. In fact, you don’t even need to go shopping for this one - the ingredients for this glaze are just too basic. But the taste? Utterly classic and a perfect showstopper for grand festivals like Diwali.

Ingredients: Cocoa powder, butter, powdered confectioner’s sugar, gelatin, vanilla essence, and water.
Tastes best with: Chocolate chiffon cake, butterscotch cake.

4. Pink Marshmallow Glaze

Chocolate cake covered with white icing and marshmallows

This palatable cake glaze recipe for Diwali will take your guests by surprise and we can bet on that.

Made of marshmallows and milk, this pastel pink glaze looks simply stunning. But wait, it isn’t just all looks. The marshmallow cake glaze also adds a very unique, chewy texture to your cake and gives it a subtle, sweet aftertaste. To prepare the glaze, simply heat some marshmallows in a double boiler and add the rest of the ingredients. Once done, pour the frosting on top of your cake and let it set for an hour or two. And there - your pink marshmallow glaze is ready.

Ingredients: Melted marshmallows, vanilla extract, butter, ground sugar, milk, and sprinklers.
Tastes best with: Strawberry cake, red velvet cake, coffee cake.

5. Kaffir Lime and Melon Mirror Glaze

Cake covered in green frosting and strawberries

If you think you’ve tried all cake glaze flavours - hold up. We have a special one for you to serve your guests on Diwali.

With a refreshing, fruity punch of honeydew melon and kaffir lime, this lush green cake glaze is our top pick for decorating simple lemon-flavoured cakes. Thanks to the mirror finish, this melon glaze looks just as stunning as it tastes. So, if you want to don your Diwali cake in something offbeat and sophisticated, this aesthetically pleasing glaze is the one you should go for.

Ingredients: Milk, powdered sugar, kaffir lime juice, melon juice, gelatin, and edible green food colour.
Tastes best with: Fruit cake, lemon cake, mousse cake.

6. Mixed Berry and Rose Glaze

Top shot of a fruit cake decked with figs and berries

Don’t blame your guests if they mistake your cake for a piece of art. The mixed berry and rose glaze actually look too heavenly to be true.

Another glaze recipe that’s on the tart side, this flavour is so berry-licious, it’s hard to resist. Made of assorted berries slow-cooked in piquant rose-flavoured sugar syrup, this glaze looks like a beautiful blanket hugging your cake. Given the balanced flavour and meek rose scent, the mixed berry cake glaze tastes best when topped on a light, fruity cake base. In fact, it also goes beautifully well with vanilla cakes. Now that’s versatile!

Ingredients: Berry puree (raspberry, strawberry, black currant, cranberry, and plum), gelatin, rose water, water, icing sugar, and corn syrup.
Tastes best with: Vanilla cake, strawberry cake.

7. Raspberry and Clementine Glaze

Mirror glaze cake decorated with assorted berries

Diwali is all about lights, we know. But who said it can’t be about colours too?

A succulent cake glaze made of raspberries and clementine juice, this mirror-finish glaze is the perfect way to add a hint of colour to your Diwali dessert platter. With a strong, sweet and sour flavour of clementines and zesty raspberries, this cake glaze is appetizing on both fronts - looks and taste. Pro tip? Serve the cake super chilled and see how your guests end up craving more!

Ingredients: Powdered confectioner’s sugar, clementine juice, raspberry puree, gelatin, cold water, edible food colour.
Tastes best with: White sponge cake, vanilla cake, fruit cake.

Wrapping Up

he variety of traditional desserts. But this time, if you want to surprise your guests with cakes that look and taste out of the world, we surely hope this blog on cake glaze recipes struck the right chord.

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