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Classic 2-Egg Cake Recipes

Ed Sheeran once said, “Loving can hurt.”
But that’s not always true - at least not in the case of cakes!

Cake loaf topped with cream teardrops and lemon zest

If someone tells you they don’t like cakes, they’re perhaps making a misstatement. No one hates “eating” a cake. But those who despise cooking surely do loathe “baking” a cake. After all, you’ve got to have all the ingredients, get each of the measurements right, and keep a close watch on every ticking minute. And if all this was not enough, you also have to make sure you’re adding just the right number of eggs into the batter. A little here and there and pff - all that effort landing straight into the bin.

But hey, today we are here to prove Ed wrong. So if you love eating cakes but the idea of baking one sends chills down your spine, try these 2-egg cake recipes and see why we say - loving can be easy too.

10 Classic 2-Egg Cake Recipes You Can Make in a Snap

Looking for 2-egg cake recipes? Say no more! Check out these tempting cakes you can make with just a couple of eggs and lots of love:

1. Vanilla Sponge Cake

Vanilla cake loaf cut into slices and garnished with icing sugar

First off on our list is the delightful vanilla sponge cake. Made with just 2 eggs and basic pastry ingredients like butter and milk, this cake is perfect for tea-time snacking, dinner dessert, and even breakfast (if you’re just as enthusiastic about cakes as we are). In fact, if you’re the “Alice in the Wonderland of baking”, start your journey by baking a classic vanilla cake. Easy-peasy and everyone’s favourite, this simple cake recipe is a godsend for beginner bakers.

2. Marble Cake

Close-up shot of a chocolate marble cake

Look at this beauty! A chocolate cake with accents of vanilla flavour, the marble cake is as pleasing to the eyes as it is to the palate. But here’s a secret - it only looks meticulous. In reality, the marble cake is actually pretty easy to make. Simply prepare a vanilla sponge cake batter with two eggs, put a quarter of it aside and mix some cocoa powder in it, and then dribble it on top of the remaining batch of the batter. Use a toothpick to create wavy designs in the batter and then let it bake. Your 2-egg marble cake is ready!

3. Coffee Almond Cake

A loaf of coffee cake topped with chopped almonds

If someone ever asks you to name a better duo than Joey and Chandler, show them this cake flavour. Coffee and almonds dunked in delicious cacao, only the smell of this cake loaf is enough to make people drool! Whether it’s a birthday party, a rainy day, or any such occasion that demands to be wrapped up with a great dessert, the 2-egg coffee almond cake makes for the perfect choice. If you’re a fan of fruits, add some chopped strawberries to the batter and see how it tastes like a *chef’s kiss*!

4. Blueberry Sponge Cake

A loaf of blueberry sponge cake cut into slices

Speaking of fruits, let’s appreciate one of the most beautiful potpourris in the world of confectionary - blueberries with vanilla! The texture of this blueberry sponge cake is so smooth and fluffy, you won’t believe it’s made of just 2 eggs. Besides, it’s the mild milky taste with pops of tang from the blueberry that we love the most. So the next time you want a dessert that’s something along the same lines, try this beauty. We bet you won’t look at cakes the same way ever again.

5. Lemon Cake

Two slices of lemon cake served on a plate

Do you know why lemon cakes are a hit? Not only because they have a peculiarly refreshing flavour that sets them apart from the tribe of awfully sweet desserts. It’s also because they can just be made with 2 eggs and some regular baking items like milk, sugar, lemon, and flour! But the outcome these simple ingredients and an even simpler baking process give is fascinating and makes for an excellent side, especially when you want something filling to eat with your cup of black tea.

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6. Chocolate Cake

Chocolate bundt cake topped with chocolate sauce and chips

What feels illegal but isn’t? Writing a blog on classic 2-egg cake recipes and not mentioning chocolate cake.

Moist, gooey, and oh so chocolatey - if there’s something close to the feeling of nirvana, it’s indulging in a slice of chocolate cake. Ask a person who hates desserts (best of luck finding one, in the first place) and even they won’t turn down a plate of chocolate cake. And come on, need we mention the many occasions you can eat it on? In fact, why even need one? Just eat chocolate cake whenever you want to - it’s so simple.

7. Rose Cake

Cake loaf covered in white icing sugar frosting

“Rose cakes? They must be joking!” Well no, we aren’t - rose-flavoured cakes are a thing and thank God for that. Mildly sweet and enchantingly scented, this delish cake can even be made eggless or vegan. But if you enjoy the luxury of using eggs in baking and like your cakes extra spongy and velvety, just smash two eggs into the bat

8. Carrot Cake

Carrot cake garnished with whipped cream and chopped carrots

The fact that February the 3rd is celebrated as National Carrot Cake Day in the US itself speaks volumes about how much this dessert is loved by all. Part of the reason is that this particular cake flavour is a one-way ticket to childhood nostalgia. But the other very strong reason is that this cake is very easy and quick to make. Sieve two cups of flour, add melted butter, milk, shredded carrots, vanilla essence, powdered sugar, two beaten eggs, and that’s all. Did it even feel like doing something? Nope.

9. Peanut Butterscotch Cake

Peanut cake loaf cut in slices

Everyone fancies a spoonful of creamy peanut butter on their toast. But we bet - this 2 egg peanut butterscotch cake will become the new reason why your family loves peanuts. Crunchy and buttery, the texture of this cake resembles crisp peanut butter cookies dunked in butterscotch ice cream. In fact, if you’re someone who hits the gym every day, there’s nothing better than this sweet treat for you. Packed with protein from eggs and peanuts, beat those little pangs of post-workout hunger with two slices of this cake and there - that’s guilt-free eating without compromising on the taste!

10. Christmas Rum Cake

Two loaded Christmas fruit cakes and strawberries

Christmas cakes are addictive. You have one slice and before you know it, your hand travels down and picks another one for you. Rich and filled with fruits and nuts, it’s possible to bake a Christmas rum cake with just 2 eggs. If you’re non-alcoholic, swatch rum with orange juice or cranberry juice and your booze-free 2-egg Christmas cake is ready to serve. However, remember these cakes are super addictive. So you don’t want to keep the plate unattended.

What’s Next?

Baking is an art, we know. But cakes are a necessity. So whether or not someone is an artist, the least they should be able to do is bake and enjoy their favourite cakes without needing all that artistry and precision. Having said that, we hope this blog with 10 classic 2-egg cake recipes helps you do just that.

If you want more of such mouth-watering yet simple recipes delivered to your homepage, keep an eye on APCA Chef Online’s blog section. Till then, happy baking!

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